What is Flush? 
Flush Juicery is more than just your typical juice bar. We have not only created interesting ways for you to drink your water, but 
we have also created fun natural products to cleanse your body &  help take your workout recovery to the next level. 
Our philosophy is that in order for you to accomplish your optimal health, you've gotta FLEX, FLUSH, & FLOURISH.
You have to move & put in the work in order to  build muscle! 
Your muscle can be literally be the muscles on your body or a specific goal you are striving to accomplish. 
Sitting on the couch doing nothing, never got anyone closer to their goals! You gotta flex! 
Exercise your muscles and your game plan to turn your goals into reality.
Clean out your gut, negativity, mind, soul & body! You can do this by elimating toxic people, foods, supplements, job, toxins, & I'm sure you get the idea. You've gotta remove the things that make you mentally & physically stressed & exhausted. Learn to let go! FLUSH IT OUT!
Once you flex & flush, you can finally flourish!
Our Flush's Commitment:
We commit to using fresh, clean, organic ingredients to deliver you with the best tasting drinks & products. 
We will never jeopordize the quality of our products just to earn a quick dollar. 
Your health and wellness is important to us. Our goal is to continue to help you feel energized, cleansed, focused, & rejuvanted. 
Our created products will never have preservatives or artificial ingredients.
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